Tuesday, September 24, 2013

15 Months Old!

Wow! Time is flying by and our little babies are already 15 months old. Kennedy is into everything and all over the house. She is starting to stand without holding onto anything for support. Her 1st "real" step is going to be happening very, very soon! Oh, and she is quite the little talker, too. Her vocabulary now consists of: dada, mama, blublu (bubba), Ella (our dog's name), nana, I play, stop it, uh-oh, hi, and anything else she can attempt to mimic. She loves to wave hello and goodbye, and we are still working on sharing with her cousin, Jacob, but she is getting better.

Drake is doing much better than he was last week from a health standpoint. He is still receiving breathing treatments around the clock, but we are hoping to wean him off of his oxygen tomorrow. This will make him much happier because he can't stand to have things on his face. He completed his 1st physical therapy session on Monday and his 1st speech therapy today. He will have PT again tomorrow and speech again on Thursday. He did quite well with both of these therapies. His speech therapist started working with him on VitalStem therapy today. This is a FDA approved therapy that his developmental doctor had mentioned to us at his last appointment. This therapy involves placing small electrical impulses to the swallowing muscles of the throat in order to strengthen those muscles. It does not hurt and Drake did very well with it today, as long as I was holding him. He wasn't interested in being held by his new therapist just yet. He prefers to be held by familiar people. I think that is pretty typical for a little guy. 

I caught a couple cute pictures of Drake smiling yesterday! Gran was giving him kisses and he LOVES getting kisses. We all get overly excited when we see him smile! I think he enjoys our over the top reaction, too! He also did a great job tracking a new lighted toy. All of these accomplishments on top of his head control continuing to improve, make us really proud of his hard work. 

These are of Drake loving getting kisses! 

I love this one of Kennedy & daddy!

Drake hanging out with daddy after work.