Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fighting Sickness

So much has taken place since my last post! We visited Brian's grandparents and extended family at Lake O' the Pines, had Brian's brother and mom (Yea-yea) in town for a visit, and celebrated Brian's (daddy's) birthday. Poor little Drake has been fighting allergies since Friday. With his weakened immune system, this has turned into a respiratory infection. He is receiving breathing treatments every 4hrs, chest and back pats, saline spray and nose suctioning. He doesn't feel well and this breaks my heart! We check his heart rate and oxygen saturation several times each day. This afternoon we put him back on oxygen, something he has not been on for a long time. He was not happy with us, but if it helps him heal faster, it will be well worth it. 

Unfortunately Drake was not able to start his new Physical Therapy or Speech Therapy this week. First we have to beat this illness and then we can move on to his new therapies.

Kennedy had a runny nose for about one day and she seems much better now. It must just be that time of year, and it is so much harder on Drake than Kennedy. We are thankful that he is bigger and stronger now, and he can fight even harder. He's a tough little boy and this is just one more hurdle. 

Between breathing treatments for Drake and Kennedy waking up during the night because she is cutting 4 teeth right now, sleep is hard to come by these days. This too shall pass and calmer days are ahead. 

Yea-yea kissing Drake's toes! 

Family gathering at Lake O' the Pines 


  1. Prayers for your sweet babies! Read all your blogs and enjoy your sweet babies photos!

  2. prayers being sent up god bless

  3. Will be praying for Drake. He's so sweet.
    Glad Kennedy is feeling better. She's just

  4. Praying for Drake! I know your pain, everything goes straight to kendal's lungs. It's no fun :( They are both getting so big and cute!!!
    Tiffany Roberts

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