Friday, September 6, 2013


Kennedy has added a new word (rather a phrase) to her vocabulary. "Uh-Oh" is heard quite often around our house. We love hearing her sweet little voice, even if it does mean that her sippy-cup is repeatedly dropped on the floor. She has an early day tomorrow as she will be traveling with me to attend a wedding shower for her soon-to-be, Aunt Jamie. We will be heading out early in the morning so that we can arrive on time, and this means Daddy & Drake will be having a "Boys Day!" 

Drake has BIG news, too! His first tooth came in and his second tooth is almost through. These are his bottom teeth, just like Kennedy's. He is learning how to sooth his teething pains by sucking on his hands. This is such a precious sight, and Brian snapped a picture of it today. Drake's visit with his neurologist went well this week. The doctor was impressed with Drake's improving head control. He still doesn't have complete control, but noticeable improvements have been made. Due to the fact that he is still having numerous seizures daily, his neurologist has increased his medications. On Monday, he will be having a blood test to check his liver to make sure the seizure medicine isn't causing any problems. Today Drake worked with his OT who also noticed and commented about his improved head control. 

Sucking his thumb

We missed our two little babies like crazy on our trip, but we still enjoyed every minute of our get-away! 

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