Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A New Day

We are so blessed to have the opportunity for Drake to have physical therapy twice a week beginning next week.  He is doing so well, and we just know that having 8 sessions a month will be so beneficial to him.
He amazes us everyday!  What a little trooper and fighter! 

Kennedy had fun traveling with me to her new "Aunt"  Jamie's bridal shower, and Drake certainly seemed enjoy spending some quality time with daddy. On Monday Drake was required to have a blood test to check his liver levels. He was not a happy camper and Kennedy and I were sad to see Drake so upset. I'm thankful that Lisa was with us to help hold Drake, b/c mommy wanted no part of that process. 

Tomorrow we will visit Cranial Technologies to check his helmet, and then we will move on to Wrap 360 to pick out his new helmet wrap! Friday morning we will join several other families for his new helmet wrap party. On Thursday, Drake will have an evaluation with a speech therapist and we are excited for the possibilities this could hold. I can't wait to update on Friday! 

Riding the Rocking Longhorn at Gran & Poppy's!

Snoozing on mommy.

Gran with her hands full!!!

Adding cousin Jacob really makes her hands full!

Sleepy girl!

Smiling boy! This smile melts my heart. 

Big girl!

Waiting for Drake's blood draw.

Hanging out with Daddy!

Kennedy at the shower with her cousin, Jacob.