Tuesday, August 13, 2013


The day I have anxiously awaited for months finally arrived!  Kennedy said, "Mama" today for the first time!  Finally!  She has been saying dada for months, and when we asked her to say mama, she would either laugh or say dada.  Cousin Jacob has been saying mama for a while, so she had to meet the challenge.  It is interesting for us to see how Jacob and Kennedy interact and leap frog each other in terms of who will accomplishing a new skill first.

Kennedy also went grocery shopping for the first time yesterday, at Brookshire's of course.  I think she was in sensory overload with so much to see.  Her favorite thing to do was reach behind her and grab things we put in the basket.  At one point she even used a tub of salad as a pillow.

Drake is trucking along slow and steady with his Snowdrop program.  We know this is a marathon, not a sprint, and we do our exercises daily.  He will be re-evaluated in November to see what we need to change in his daily program.  It will be like reaching the first mile marker in a marathon.  Time to see if we need to slow down, speed up, or keep up the same pace.  He has been doing very well this week with his bottle intake, not requiring a large amount through his mic-key button.

Kennedy has found her nose and gets very upset when we tell her she cannot stick her finger in it all the time.  I'm sure this will not be the end of her getting upset when we tell her no.  If this is a preview of what we will see when she is a teenager, we may have a lot of tears and teenage fits ahead of us.

We spent Saturday night at Aunt Mere and Uncle Aaron's.  This was good prep for our visit with Brian's family in Austin and New Braunfels.  We travel back and forth from our house to Gran and Poppy's all the time, but we have all the supplies we need for both babies at both houses.  This was a chance to spend 24 hours at a house that didn't have all of Drake and Kennedy's things.  Great trial run.  Both Drake and Kennedy were entertained by Jacob's toys.  Kennedy crawled over to them and looked back, as if to say, "Mom, check out all of these new toys!", and Drake grabbed a rattle and held it for a while.


  1. so proud to follow the babies i feel as if i know them they r so precious and you and dad and grandparents are doing a wonderful job keep up the good work snd god bless u all

  2. I am glad you all having a good time. The babies are beautiful. Keep up all the good work. Marilyn

  3. Great Job "Mama"!!! and "Dada"!!! Love the updates and your sweet sweet family :) God Bless :)