Friday, August 16, 2013


On Wednesday we were finally able to deliver the care-package items to the NICU families at Presby Dallas. It was wonderful seeing some of our favorite nurses again! It was also quite nice to be there as visitors rather than residents. I think it is clear that my "teacher" side came out with the sorting and uniformed labeling of the items. 10 years of teaching doesn't just wear off. We have already been told how appreciative the parents are who have received gifts. It warms my heart to be able to provide some happiness to parents experiencing the hardships of life in the NICU. 

The NICU this week was the first of many visits we have coming up. Tomorrow we will visit with Brian's grandparents for the day in East Texas. Sunday we will travel to Austin for one night at Uncle Matt's, and then we will head to Aunt Gigi's on Monday in New Braunfels. Even though we travel back and forth weekly to Gran & Poppy's, that doesn't require much packing. However, this trip will require a fully loaded car. Hopefully, my Tuesday report will be about smooth sailing on our travels. Fingers crossed! 

Both of Drake's therapist were impressed with his progress today! He is really beginning to move his arms and hands more and we are very excited about this around here! I am including a couple of pictures where his hand is blurry due to the movement of hitting his suspended toys. I have also included a picture of how Drake manages to wiggle out of this helmet many times daily. During the day, we are constantly putting it back on his head, and at night he wiggles it off in his crib, too. 

Drake is enjoying his new booster high-chair from Gran & Poppy. It is just like the one his physical therapist let us borrow that will recline. This allows him to enjoy sitting up and interacting with the family while still working on his head control. I've included a picture of Kennedy reaching for her brother when we asked her, "Where's bubba?" No doubt about it...she knows her brother. 

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  1. you never cease to amaze me u r so busy and still have time to give back god bless u and your family the babies are amazing and so beautiful ty for sharing i never miss a post