Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kidney Test

Drake was such a trooper all day long yesterday! We headed to Children's at 6:45am and arrived back at Gran & Poppy's around 4pm. That was a long day for a little boy! His right kidney looks perfect and is functioning at 51%. His left kidney appears to have some scaring but is still able to function at 49%. This is pretty phenomenal all things considered. His urologist has scheduled a VCUG (urinary reflux) test in 6 weeks. 

Sweet boy!

We have been working with Kennedy on wearing shoes...she is not a fan. I have found that distracting her with toys or snacks seems to help prolong the wearing of shoes. Otherwise she will immediately remove them herself. She has also become a fan of removing her bib while eating. At first this was a sign that she was finished, but now she just does it because she can. 

A little shoe practice :)

I don't want to wear this.

 I don't want to wear this either. 

I've been working on scheduling their synagis shots for the upcoming RSV season. While we are ecstatic about how well Kennedy is doing, it is scary knowing that she will most likely not qualify for the shots this year. However, we are extremely hopeful that Drake will qualify. Going back into seclusion this fall/winter is a lonely time, but something that is necessary to ensure their health. This time I look forward to chasing Kennedy all over the house as she explores! 

Big boy in his high chair! 


  1. they both are so beautiful

  2. Thank you for sharing your story. I believe that all children are a complete miracle! Peace be with you all.