Friday, August 9, 2013

Play Date

On Thursday,  Drake and Kennedy experienced their first play-date with a new friend. Jacob was there for this new experience, too! One of our college friends came up to Gran and Poppy's for a visit with her almost 10 month old son, Jackson, who was born in mid-October 2012. Drake and Kennedy would be about the same age as Jackson, if they had been born on their original due date of Oct. 3rd, rather than of June 23rd. 

It was fun to see the babies interact with one another. Kennedy and Jackson were definitely interested in each others toys. Something new and different I suppose. 

Drake has been doing outstanding with his therapies. He was an absolute rockstar today with his physical therapy. Today was bittersweet because it was his last day with his physical therapist. She is leaving ECI and therefore we are moving on to physical therapy through Therapy 2000. His new therapy will take place in McKinney at Gran & Poppy's household, and we are excited to be  hopefully receiving therapy 4 times per month.                                                                                                                                                                                

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  1. drake is growing and his hair is so pretty kennedy is a little doll keep up the good work parents and gparents god bless u all