Friday, August 2, 2013

Busy Boy

My goodness...we had urology on Monday, babysat cousin, Jacob, Tuesday, pulmonologist on Wednesday, chiropractor on Thursday, and OT, PT & SST today. We are ready for the weekend! His pulmonologist was very impressed with Drake and how well he is doing since our last visit. We are still required to keep his oxygen and supplies on hand, just in case, with the upcoming RSV season fast approaching. We spent a week in the hospital in April and I would much rather not do that again...I'm pretty sure Drake would agree.

Kennedy's dress came in the mail for her Uncle Mikey's wedding! We just had to try it on!  Drake is going to be wearing an outfit handed down from his cousin, Jacob. And yes, we played dress-up with Drake, too! Both outfits are a little big right now, but by the end of September, they will be a perfect fit! I know I have a bias opinion, but they look SO cute!!!

Today, Drake's PT brought him a reclining chair. We use several pool noodles cut to size in order to prop him correctly in the seat. I really think he enjoys sitting up like a "Big Boy." Head control is still our main goal, and this chair allows us to continue working in this. Since we began using pediasure last week, I believe Drake is enjoying the change in his diet. So far he has only had vanilla but tomorrow we will give strawberry a try. 

Kennedy likes to pull herself to standing everywhere and on everything! Before we know it, she is going to be running all over the place! I'm pretty sure she was trying to give Drake Cheerios today. Not yet, Kennedy, not just yet. I have to hand it to her... She is a trooper. Brian was working in his home office on conference calls all day and Drake had 3 different therapies. She played in her play-yard self entertaining during each session. That's pretty darn good for a 13mo (adjusted age 9mo). Don't worry, she got plenty of attention tonight from mommy, daddy, Papa & Uncle Matt to reward her for such good behavior. 

We met another NICU graduate family today! Well, not the whole family, but we did meet the mom and dad. They brought us some boy clothes for Drake and we gave them some formula for their little grad. Hopefully one day we will be able to get all of our NICU babies together for a play-date. 

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