Tuesday, August 6, 2013

One Appointment

It's hard to believe that I am even saying it...Only one doctor appointment this week! On Monday, Drake had an appointment with Cranial Technologies and everyone is pleased with the fit of this helmet. We are thankful to have him in full-time wear! He is still a little Houdini about getting it off, but he doesn't fuss about having it on his head. I try to make sure an snap a picture of him each day when it is off because I love seeing his full head of hair with curls. 

Kennedy is working on adding "buba" to her vocabulary, but for right now it comes out as "bla-bla." It's pretty darn cute! Of course her favorite word is still "dada!" Yesterday, Gran and Drake's nurse, Lisa, had their hands full with Drake and cousin Jacob so Kennedy ran errands with  Uncle Mikey and me.  First, we got my car inspected and then we had a low tire checked. I had added air to it, but with all of the driving I do each week I wanted to have it checked out. I'm sure glad that I did...2 nails in the tire! Having it fixed for $18.50 is much better than buying a new tire or being stranded with a flat tire. 

We had Brian's dad (Papa) and brother (Uncle Matt) in town for a weekend visit. It is always nice to visit with family, and I love seeing the guys interact with the babies!


  1. There is nothing in this world more precious than baby curls! So glad the tire got fixed before anything happened!

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