Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Urology Appointment

We took Drake to Children's for an appointment on Monday. Once we arrived, I realized that I had confused my appointments and this was for his kidneys. I guess I was bound to confuse his appointments eventually; at least we were at the correct location. 

His appointment went well and we are set to have an IVP for his kidneys to check the function of each on the 26th of August. This will be an all day affair beginning at 8:30am and going through the afternoon. 

Tomorrow Drake has a followup with his pulmonologist, and we are excited for him to see how well he is doing without his oxygen. I'm sure he will want us to keep oxygen supplies on hand through another RSV season. We don't mind keeping them on hand for emergencies; it gives us a safety net.

Today was a day off from appointments; although, I wouldn't call it a free day. We have his Snowdrop program to complete daily. Jacob was here with us today and we looked like a daycare. I realized quickly that I would not want to work in or run a daycare. After looking into childcare facilities during my pregnancy and thinking they were outrageously priced, I am now seeing things in a different light. 

Kennedy is doing great, and she keeps herself and us laughing daily. She's a mess! She has become very interested in playing with Drake's hair. She doesn't pull it (we are watching very closely) but she plays with it gently. It is similar to how gentle she is when petting our dog.

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