Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sweet Dreams

After the past few days of little to no sleep, I was finally able to get a good nights rest. Thanks to Gran for volunteering to get up with the babies during the night. I was hesitant to take her up on her offer at first, because it didn't seem right for her to miss out on sleep; however, after I fell asleep getting Kennedy back down, I knew that I needed rest. 

I think it is a combination of teething and warding off a virus that has been interrupting their regular sleep patterns. Drake has been acting like himself, but he has been fighting a fever the past two days. Kennedy has been extremely clingy and fussy but she has not run a temperature. 

This is poor little Drake's 3rd illness to deal with since it became fall. We had all settled into how nice the summer season was for us, and now this fall/winter is coming in with a vengeance. Our main goal, as always, is to keep both Drake and Kennedy healthy; which means that we are on lockdown and will not be able to participate in any upcoming holiday festivities. In the big picture of life, missing out on a couple of holiday gatherings is a not a big deal. 

One of the best things that anyone can do to help preemies who are able to be out and about is to get their vaccinations. This time of year the flu shot is essential. Brian and I used to be the type who did not get our yearly flu shot, and/or fell into the misconception that the flu shot made us sick. Knowing what we know now, we are not only helping our own children but we are also able to help all people with weak immune systems simply by getting our annual flu shot.

Kennedy says, "I love this guy, right here!"

All ready for bed :)

Yes, daddy! 

This is challenging when they both need me at the same time.

Consistently eating his baby food once each day.

I'm ready for a walk, Gran. Let's go!

Snuggling with Daddy! 

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  1. so nice to see drake eating hope they feel better really soon u 2 r super parents keep on keeping on nice job