Friday, October 18, 2013


I sure am glad that our busy week has concluded. This week Drake had: an appointment with cranial technologies, 3 sessions with his physical therapist, 3 sessions with his speech therapist, 2 sessions with his chiropractor, 1 sessions with his occupational therapist, 1 session with his therapist for cognitive development, and his daily Snowdrop program with Lisa and me. Everyone was impressed with his progress this week! Not only did he do an outstanding job with his head control this week, but he has also eaten rice cereal and Pediasure at his noon feed every day. Sometimes he eats more than others, but we see each attempt as great progress. 

Kennedy is continuing to make progress with using a spoon, and we can tell that she loves to do things on her own. Last night she took a spill while she was cruising around the coffee table. Her fall cut her eyelid, but she's a tough little girl and didn't even cry. It was far more emotional for the two of us than it was for her. 

Brian's dad, Papa, is in town staying with us this weekend and we are excited to catch up with him! 

Checking on her brother.

I'm glad that I had my phone handy to capture this sweet moment of Kennedy with Gran.

Passed out in the high-chair.

This helmet was on his head when we left McKinney and this is what I found when we arrived home. Impressive!

You can see her little cut on her poor little eyelid. 

This picture just makes us smile :)

Exhausted from his busy week! 

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  1. so beautiful as are all your posts ty may god bless you and your family