Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Wedding

This was a very busy weekend for our family.  Uncle Mikey and Aunt Jamie were married.  On Friday we started by attending a lovely Bridal Luncheon with Drake and Kennedy, as well as Jacob, and they were  perfect guests!

Then we had a fun Rehearsal Dinner at friends's home.  What a special evening!  Many friends were seeing Drake and Kennedy for the first time.  It was such an amazing evening! Who would have thought that the highlight of the evening for Kennedy, as well as cousin Jacob, would be sitting in the floor with their friend, Tucker, playing with a spring style door stop.  What fun--and a bunch of highly educated adults watching and thoroughly entertained by these precious babies!

Saturday was a full day at Gran & Poppy's house.  There were so many friends whom the twins were meeting for the first time, in and out of the house.  Before we knew it, we were getting ready for the wedding.  Uncle Mikey looked so handsome, and Aunt Jamie was just beautiful!  The twins had a front row seat with Gran & Poppy, Mommy  & Daddy, for the wedding.  After family pictures, we were off to the reception where the twins met more friends and family for the first time.  Kennedy was able to dance with Daddy before having to go home with nurse Lisa and her hubby so they could go to bed. What an exciting day and night!

So a busy weekend led to the twins not going home for the weekend.  But they will go home on Thursday.  Friday morning they have an appointment with their pediatrician in Tyler. Then, on Saturday is the NICU annual reunion.  They will get to see many of the doctors and nurses who took such wonderful care of them just a short year ago! It is hard to believe at this time last year we were still living at the hospital. Time does fly, doesn't it.

We often reflect on how far we have come in the last 12 months.  The twins are 15 months old now, and Drake is 19 lbs. 10 ozs.  Kennedy is our dainty little girl, and we are thoroughly entertained everyday by her antics and new words.  She is such a joy!  Drake is really beginning to smile at us when we talk to him. This makes us smile every time! He has come so far, as well.  What a blessing they each are to us.

Our biggest challenge is trying to get Drake back on his bottles.  After battling bad allergies and going back on oxygen, he doesn't show a lot of interest in taking his formula by mouth.  We hope next week we will get him back on that schedule.

Family photo after the wedding

The entire "Childress" family...including the Gilstrap's & the Price's.

Little Miss Independent! 

Daddy/Daughter dance!

Love these two!

Mommy & Daddy did a little dancing after the babies went home to bed.

The beautiful bride & handsome groom!


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