Friday, October 25, 2013

Poor Baby!

Kennedy is acting like she is feeling much better, but she is still coughing. Unfortunately, her little cough wakes her up during the night, but at least she has not run a fever. Poor little Drake is still battling a fever that comes and goes, and at the same time is now requiring oxygen support. It is difficult to see him wearing a cannula again, but we are thankful that he is showing signs of improving. Any time Drake begins coming down with anything, it effects his lungs immediately; however, having oxygen support on hand allows him to work on healing and not work so hard on breathing. I realized that I have been taking for granted how much easier our daily life is without the use of his cannula; everything from bath time, getting him dressed, and even carrying him around the house from room to room.

Even though the past few days have been difficult on all of us, we are pleased with the progress toward improvement they are both making. We will continue to work on healing and pray that we are over this small hurdle soon. 

Working on healing.

Kennedy went with us to one of Drake's appointments this week. 

This is the face that breaks my heart!

She thinks this is her iPad! 

And this little face melts my heart! 


  1. hope both babies get better soon hang in there mommy and god bless u all praying for drake

  2. I'm in the same boat and that little sad face he made was just the most sad thing

  3. That's the saddest little face. Hope they feel better soon.

  4. Drake is such a handsome little guy...hope he is better soon......will kept him in my prayers. God knew what he was doing when he blessed your babies with such an amazing family.