Friday, October 11, 2013


The past few days we have been busy dealing with a stomach bug. The first couple of days it was Kennedy and now it is Drake. Due to this illness Drake did not have PT or Speech on Thursday and he also did not have OT today. We seem to be on the mending end of things, but it's still tough to see them not feeling themselves. I would rather feel sick any day of the week than see these little angels feel under the weather. 

Today, Drake had x-rays taken of his chest and right knee. The pediatric orthopedics at Scottish Right hospital in Dallas is going to want to see X-rays of his knee before proceeding with treatment; therefore, his pediatrician sent us for the X-rays. The chest X-rays were additional to give our pedi peace of mind as we head into RSV season. I have not heard results yet from today's X-rays, so I am going to assume all is good until I hear otherwise. I am thankful for my cousin, Lauren, who is attending college at UT-Tyler for helping us out today when we went to get the X-rays. 

Kennedy is starting to repeat so many of the things that we say: thank you, trash can, Harlee...and pretty much anything else we say. She is seriously about to take off walking and talking...I think we are in trouble VERY soon. I love how she tries to help all of the time. She crawls over with Drake's therapy brush and tries to brush him like she sees us do daily. When I told her to give bubba a kiss this week, she crawled over and kissed his forehead. It was the sweetest thing and I wish I had a picture. She really is a sweetheart who loves her brother, and he tolerates her really well. 

Even under the weather he still manages a smile.

Kennedy trying whole milk for the 1st time. 

Little miss "into everything" exploring the kitchen.

I love these smiling faces!

Fun with nurse, Lisa.

Sleeping in my arms.

A smile that warms my heart! 


  1. Thank you for allowing those smiles to warm our hearts. Drake and Kennedy are so precious!