Friday, May 3, 2013

Who Needs Sleep?

Ever since Drake's latest hospital stay, his sleep schedule (and subsequently my sleep schedule) has been off. He is definitely not getting enough sleep for a little baby boy, and I am not getting enough sleep for a mom, either. I know it is going to take a few weeks to get back to our regular schedule, but I am ready for that right now. I did not realize how lucky we were (or at least we took it for granted) that both of our preemie twins slept soundly for a good 10-12hours each night. Oh, how I miss my sleep. Of course I never slept for the full time myself with Drake's feedings having to be changed during the night, breathing treatments, and his monitor alarming us at all hours, but I did get more than 3-4hours in a night, and I miss that.

This week has been challenging, and we have met it with many tears from Drake, mom & Gran. It is exhausting to not know what he needs and to try and comfort an inconsolable baby. When he is content, my heart is happy. And wouldn't you know it...Brian comes in and within a couple of minutes has him calm, cool and collected. Really?! I'm pretty sure I tried all of those techniques this week. Glad you are back, dad, and glad to have your helping hands.


  1. Thank you for your post. I just feel with you as you all are exhausted by this hospital stay and the disruption of your normal routine. Just pray for peace for each of you and especially Drake. The peace of the Lord shall rest over him and you all. Cast off all the pressure and oppression in the name of Jesus Christ. Proclaim the goodness and life of the Lord over and in Drake and His healing power to restore all things.
    May the Lord bless you mightily,

  2. Hope things get back to normal soon!!

  3. Yeah! Dad to the rescue! Wish I could be there & take a shift for you- We miss you all!