Friday, May 31, 2013

Kennedy's Big Day

Drake began today with his occupational therapy at 8am followed by hanging out with our dear friend, Meredith, while we went to our local Brookshire's with Kennedy. Today was her big check presentation for the Brookshire's Baby Contest. $10,000...not bad for an 11 month old baby! This is a great jump start on her future college days. 

This was more than just a check presentation for Kennedy. Today was her first time inside of a grocery store. Wow! There were so many colorful things for her to see inside. I'm glad Brian was holding her because the thought of me holding her in a public grocery store would have had me trembling in fear. Our little angel was on her best behavior during her Brookshire's visit. The truth is we are very lucky because she is a wonderful baby who is always on good behavior. 

Also this week, Kennedy graduated from Cranial Technologies and her helmet! Yea, Kennedy! 

Brian watched the babies for me this afternoon while I visited my old school. This was a wonderful visit for me! Last year I left for a doctor's appointment and was never able to return from my bed rest. One year later,  I couldn't believe how much they had grown! So many of them are taller than me now! 

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  1. What wonderful news for the family and the future. You are such an inspiring family. Praying God's blessings continue to cover you and your family.Thank you for sharing and starting my morning with a smile.