Friday, May 24, 2013

Memorial Weekend

It's Friday and our entire family is home safe and sound all together for a nice long Memorial Day weekend. Even Uncle Matt came in for the weekend, too! After all of our travels this week, we are ready to enjoy and nice quiet weekend at home. 

Kennedy did a great job at the Brookshire's photo shoot! They told me to schedule from 9am-1pm to ensure the baby would cooperate. Little Miss Kennedy was like a pro. We showed up at 9am, they did introductions and chose outfits before we began. I believe we started around 9:30am and we were finished (4 outfits later) by 10:30am. Everyone was very impressed with Kennedy. 

Last night I attended a get-together with some wonderful childhood/high school friends. I was even courageous enough to take Kennedy out with me. We both thoroughly enjoyed this much needed time out with friends. 

Great news! Drake is doing very well off of his oxygen! We still have it on hand at all times, but so far he is maintaining without us needing it. 

Tomorrow will be our first BIG family outing...we will be attending the 6th Lake Palestine Palooza benefitting Pets Fur People. Brian has worked the past 5 and I have worked the 1st 4 (bed rest prevented working last year for me). I am very excited about this public outing even though I am apprehensive on the inside. This will be a good outing for all of us! 

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