Friday, May 10, 2013

The Word of the Day is...

Dada...yes, that's Kennedy's word of the day! (That would be her 1st word, too :) I'm so glad Brian and I were both here to hear her sweet word! At first, we looked at each other and questioned ,"Did she just say Dada?" Brian said, "That's what I heard." As more time passed, she been saying it a lot. Now we just need to work on adding Mama to her vocabulary. Especially since we are coming up on Mother's Day, that would be a wonderful treat!

Drake's visit at the developmental doctor went well today. She said she is seeing slow improvement. It isn't much, but it is something! She said he is doing much better at this point than she would expect considering she saw him in the hospital early on. His visit with the chiropractor went better than expected on Thursday. He really enjoyed his visit and he was completely and totally relaxed the entire evening. We go back next week for a follow up visit. 

Brookshire's contacted me about Kennedy's big win! She has a photo shoot scheduled in Tyler on May 22nd. This will be a very much anticipated Mommy/Daughter day. Gran will accompany Drake and his At-Home nurse to Hyperbarics that day while I am with Kennedy. We are really looking forward to our special day together! 

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