Friday, May 17, 2013

Wrap Party!

Today was a Fun Friday! Drake's nurse and I were able to head out this morning with both Drake & Kennedy for their Helmet Wrap Party. We went to 360 Wrap in Dallas off of Stemmons Freeway. They did an amazing job & it was fun to be around some other babies/families (and a bit scary). I try very hard not to be paranoid, but another baby coughed and I hopped up with Kennedy like a bolt of lightning. Oh no,  germs...we steer clear! 

This afternoon I stepped out of my comfort zone once again; Drake, Kennedy & I accompanied Gran down to the square in McKinney and wheeled our stroller into 3 stores! I know they were safe & secure in their carseats attached to the stroller, but I was still nervous and apprehensive about being out in public. As scared as I was, it was such a fun feeling to actually be out and about with my babies like a regular mom! 10 & 1/2 months in the making...this was pretty cool! 

I realized the hard way that heading to Tyler at 5:00 on a Friday is not the best idea...traffic, traffic, traffic. The good news is that we made it home safely and both babies slept the majority of our trip. Drake woke up hungry when we were very close to the house. Luckily I had a bottle made in a cooler in the car so he was satisfied very quickly once we were home. Brian had a few plane issues...they had to actually deboard and reboard another plane. Oh well, better safe than sorry. A little later than expected, but it sure feels good to be home with our complete family! 

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