Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Drake was freed from the hospital on Sunday morning after spending 6 nights within the hospital walls. Neither one of us got any sleep while we were staying at the hospital, so we have been quite exhausted for the last few days. Drake is still on several medications that he was taking while in the hospital, but we are in the process of weaning him down on those. He is still receiving breathing treatments every 4hrs and this is something I am hopeful we can wean down soon, too.

This past week of hospital stay was a crazy week. Brian wanted to be with us, but it was his last week in Houston and there really wasn't anything he could do at the hospital. I am beyond thankful for Drake's At-Home nurse who was with me daily at the hospital, well above and beyond her call of duty; my brother and his girlfriend who brought me necessities and food; my sister and brother-in-law who brought a baby swing to help Drake be more comfortable and drove me back to my parents' house for some much needed rest; my mom who took care of Kennedy all week and stayed with Drake overnight so that I could get some sleep, and my dad who took care of Kennedy so that I was able to rest overnight on Saturday. The saying, "It takes a village" is very true or at the very least, "It takes a family."

Brian has meetings all this week in Irving and we look forward to seeing him at the end of the week. I rescheduled Drake's Hyperbaric Treatments for this week and his ECI therapies. He needs another week of rest before returning to his busy baby schedule. It is going to take time to recondition him to home life after his hospital stay. He is very touchy and ondge, but I know with more time, love and care he will be calm and relaxed soon.

We took both Drake and Kennedy to their cranial appointments today. Kennedy is doing great and will likely only be in her helmet for another 3 weeks. Drake had a major set back being in the hospital and not being able to wear his. Luckily it still fits and we do not have to start back at square one. I know I mentioned that he is very touchy being out of the hospital, and this is making it difficult to get any "wear time" with his helmet. Our goal is to increase his "wear time" each day until we are back up to full time wear.

The voting for Kennedy in the Brookshires Baby Club goes through Friday, May 3rd. You are allowed one vote each day. Please use the link below if you would like to vote for our little chef!


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  1. I am so glad that you are out and back home again and things can start to settle down. Praying for you all that you will get back to normal life quickly. Your babies are just beautiful and the presence of the Lord is strongly over them.