Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Eleven is a very special number for us right now. This past weekend Brian and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary! We had a much needed date night out, thanks to Gran & Poppy. Dinner out in a restaurant used to be a normal occurrence, but it has become foreign to us both. Needless to say, we had a fantastic time! When we returned, Kennedy was excited to see us, but she wanted her daddy to hold her. It looks like we have a "daddy's girl" on our hands. Drake seemed very content to have us home, too!

Eleven also represents the age of our little babies...Eleven Months Old. We are quickly approaching their 1st birthday! At times it seems hard to believe and at other times it feels like an eternity has passed since my water broke that June night. I am constantly amazed at the progress that both Drake and Kennedy have made over the past 11 months. We can't wait to watch them continue to grow and learn. 

This weekend also marked Drake's eleventh full day without oxygen assistance. I absolutely love seeing his little face cannula free! He is such a happier baby without the cannula strapped to his face, and a happy Drake makes for a happy entire family!

And our most exciting news...my sister was able to get little Drake to smile! A real awake smile! This brought tears to my eyes, but they were the happiest if tears! His smile was the most amazing anniversary gift we ever could have received! 


  1. Congratulations! May all your joys multiply.

  2. It is a smile worth waiting for.

  3. Brought tears to my eyes.....happy tears.

  4. Drake's smiling as so many obstacles have been in his path, and he knows that his first birthday is right around the corner... the first of many more to come :) He isn't letting the doctors and nay sayers control his future, he is God's child and along for the ride, to see what great things God uses him for in his lifetime :)

    Kennedy is going to set the world on fire with her heart and love, not to mention that great big smile :) She has her brother beside her through it all and knows that she can do anything with the love of him and her family and friends :)

    Eleven months have blown by, so many precious moments and special times through it all, and many years from now, we can all look back and smile at seeing how far these two little bundles of joy have come in their lifetimes so far :)

    God bless the Gilstrap family, now and forever more :)

  5. That is amazing stuff!!! Wow, what a great update. :)