Friday, March 1, 2013

Moving Forward

Our neurology visit this week was a rough day. It's hard to relive his medical history, diagnosis and expected limitations over and over again. I hate hearing all of the things he will most likely never be able to do. We just want the very best quality of life that he can possibly have and that is what we are working toward. I do really like this neurologist and we are going to stick with him. Our next visit will be in 4 months.

The Neurologist wants us to continue with the therapies we are using, and only time will tell what he will be able to accomplish. He even discussed some alternative therapies that we have been researching. More information to come on these soon.

The following day we had a cranial evaluation at Medical City. I really liked the doctor that we met with for his evaluation. While Drake's head shape is not as severe as even some full term babies, his situation does not allow us the quick "fix" with positional changes. Due to this, it is considered a medical necessity and we will be going to cranial technologies next Monday for measurements and a fitting.

So for now, we continue moving forward and create a healthy and happy life for our precious son.

Kennedy is continuing to do above and beyond what is expected. She is the light of our life who makes us laugh and smile every single day. She cracks us up! We began playing a game "peek-a-boo" where we put a small rag on her face and ask "where is Kennedy?" She quickly figured out to reach up and remove the lovie. We play the same game with Drake and while he does not pull it off with his hand, he does move his head back and forth to remove it. While playing this with Drake, Kennedy reached over and removed his lovie when we said, "where is Drake?" Love that girl!

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