Friday, March 22, 2013

Nine Months Old!

Can you believe that tomorrow these angels will be nine months old? Wow! Of course, they are not considered a true nine month old, but they are both making progress, each in his/her own way.

Kennedy is turning on the charm more each day. She plays with her toys and is sitting alone for longer periods everyday. She definitely loves attention. Gran had noticed that she doesn't mind if she is holding or taking care of Drake, but Kennedy gets upset if Gran is holding or caring for their cousin, Jacob. She notices everything!!

At the end of today's treatments, Drake has logged ten hours of hyperbaric therapy. He will have thirty more to finish this complete round. We plan to take a few weeks off and resume with another forty treatments. We feel Drake is using his arms and hands much more, is more active over all, and is pulling on toys and putting his fingers in his mouth. He focuses on a Sponge Bob toy and Sesame Street or Baby Einstein video's while he is in the chamber. He is also making a few different noises and sound patterns. We know these are baby steps, but each new activity is a good step for our little Drake.

We have met several other patients receiving the Hyperbaric treatments. One of our new friends is from Austin and she is a Physical Therapist. She asked if she could work with Drake in between their treatments, and we think they are both benefiting. Drake really enjoys working with her and he doesn't fuss at all.

Some exciting news...Drake completed 2 of his bottles today! Yea! Also, I introduced Kennedy to a sippy cup. Since she is an "I can do it myself" kind of a girl, she loves it!

Tomorrow Drake will have two more sessions. Then he, Kennedy and I will head home to spend Saturday Night and Sunday with Daddy. Then Monday will find us on the road again to Gran & Poppy's very early so we can start the new week and our treatments again.


  1. What beautiful eyes they have! They are so darling. I love watching these little miracles growing up step by baby step.

  2. I have followed them since their birth and Little Drake never leaves my prayers. I just know God has great plans for him .Thank you for sharing their journey with me.May the Lord richly bless you all.

  3. Happy ninth month precious Drake and Kennedy!