Friday, March 29, 2013


Yesterday was an extremely long day for our little boy. We headed out for this Hyperbaric treatments at 8am. His first treatment was as usual at 9am, and his second treatment was at 12pm. Gran met us in Dallas with Kennedy for their appointments at Cranial Technologies. Drake's fitting took longer than anticipated, but he responded to it better than we had thought. He doesn't love his helmet, but he tolerates it very well. We finally arrived back at Gran and Poppy's at 6:30pm. Thank goodness we packed extra bottles!

For a little baby boy who is a "hot box," the helmet just adds to his sweating. He reminds me of Gran with "hot flashes!" We have been advised to dress him unseasonably cool. So, if he looks like he is dressed for summer while it is still quite cool in Dallas, please understand. Kennedy will receive her Doc-Band Helmet on April 9th. Thanks to information provided by others, we have been informed of local Wrap Buddies through a company called 360 Wrap. I have filled out the application, and I am awaiting a call back to schedule a date for getting Drake and Kennedy's helmets "wrapped."

Drake has done VERY well with his bottles this week! In fact, for most of the week he hasn't needed his pump at all during the day. He seems tired as the week progresses and we are back to about half by bottle and half by pump, but I am really proud of how well he has done this week!

Kennedy is twisting and turning everywhere! That baby girl is all over the place! She makes it quite a challenge to change her diaper at the doctor's office. She is also sitting like a big girl for LONG periods of time! I am really impressed with her stability. Now, we just need to work on sharing! She isn't too bad with Drake, but she snatches toys and pacifiers right out of her cousin's hand. She doesn't even want the toy or paci, she just seems to want to take it away from him. Looks like we have our work cut out for us with this little girl!

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  1. If that little Drake isn't the cutest thing in his helment I don't know what is! Those dark eyebrows and adoring eyes of his just pull on my heart strings. He is such a beautiful baby boy. Miss Kennedy's hilarious expressions just slay me. I don't know how you are going to be able to keep a straight face when you have to start telling her,"No." I think she knows she is the only granddaughter in the family. What a cutie pie she is. I'm wondering what kind of expressions she may make when she gets her helment. Maybe she'll do really well since her brother has been such a good example!!! I love the sweet picture of you holding Drake. Priceless!! Thank you so much for your faithfulness in continuing to keep all of us updated on your bi-weekly posts when I know you must be one tired little mother. I get excited every Tuesday and Friday evening because I know I'm going to get caught up on the Gilstrap family and see more pictures that I can literally squeak over. I'm serious! I do! Love and hugs to a special family that is close to my heart. Happy 1st Easter as a family of 4!!!!