Saturday, March 16, 2013

Easter Pictures

This has been a very different week, the babies and I spent the week at my parents. We had planned to have a picture session with my nephew for Easter Pictures. Three little babies, one photographer, and several crazy women trying to keep the peace.

We met about 11:00 at my sister's house. We had two outfits per baby. The photographer, a friend, started the session with individual pictures of each baby in just their diapers. She put pearls on our baby girl and some bunny ears, and off we went! We also had coordinating outfits for the kids, Easter Eggs, etc. Ironically, Gran had ordered Easter Baskets for each baby, but they arrived a few hours after the session!! Oh, well. We should have had someone with a video camera on the adults! We are always willing to try anything to get our little ones to smile or look the right matter how silly we look.

The pictures went amazingly well. We were very pleased and have pictures to treasure always. Our babies first Easter will be here in a few weeks, and the pictures are ready. By next year, it may be even more of a challenge--they will all be on the move!

It was a great week, Daddy is home and so are we. Next week brings the beginning of the hyperbaric treatments for Drake. We have optimistic hopes and we can't wait to see how things go. Please keep him in your prayers, as well as the doctor and technicians working with our little man.


  1. Such beautiful pictures...but the very first one with sister holding brothers hand...toooo cute for words! I cannot get over how much Kennedy looks like Mom and Drake looks like dad. It becomes more evident every day! SO FUN having a mini me! ;-)

  2. I love every single picture! Prayers being sent to Drake and his team this week. Love you all,


  3. Such cute cute pictures!!! Hope Drake's treatments go well and bring good results. Praying for you all!
    Tiffany Roberts

  4. Love the beads on Ms Kennedy and Drakes big yawn! He was obviously thrilled with the events! Lol The three of them in the basket, though... I crack up everytime I see it because I know what the 3 of you are doing behind the camera! Priceless!!