Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A New Day

We started hyperbaric oxygen therapy Monday and are having two treatments per day. Drake is doing amazing! He had 2 treatments Monday, and today they moved him to the maximum level, as he was doing so great. His ears are monitored to be sure there is no damage to the eardrum.

Monday, we had to go from the hyperbaric treatment to the cranial doctor for measurements. Gran brought Kennedy to join us for an evaluation. It was determined that she, too, would have a helmet. Hers will be for 8-10 weeks, and Drake's will be for about 4 months. The technician put a stocking over Drake's head and face, and he could not stand it. It took 4 people to hold him down, and no one could believe how strong this little guy actually was. It was a very long day for all of us, and they were not able to get the images they needed. This as difficult for not only me but also Drake's nurse and Kennedy. Kennedy did not like seeing her brother upset.

Today Drake had 2 more treatments. Then we had to return to the cranial doctor. This time the stocking had to go over his head only and had an opening for his face. This is not how things are usually done, but they are trying to make it work for Drake. He still was not happy, but it wasn't as bad as yesterday. He has been awake all day, and right now, we are trying to get him to sleep. We know he is exhausted. We hope to be home earlier tomorrow in order to have a shorter day!

Kennedy has been hanging out with Gran. This will be the regular routine--Drake and me at the hyperbaric doctor while Kennedy & Gran are at Gran & Poppy's. She continues to do great. She is working on sitting alone. She is actually doing quite well. Before too long, she will have it mastered.

Our weekends will become even shorter starting this week. Drake has treatments Monday-Saturday, so we will not be going back to Tyler until after noon then. Daddy will be home with his regular schedule, so he will have to spend Friday night at home without us. We will be leaving super early on Monday, just like Daddy, so we can be back in McKinney to drop Kennedy off and get on to Drake's appointment.

Life continues to be an adventure, but each day is so special when we see their adorable faces. It makes it all worthwhile. We feel that God continues to hold them in the palm of His hand as He guides Brian and me through our decisions.


  1. Precious little ones! Thanks for sharing their progress with us.

  2. Every picture is so precious. I am so thankful that you continue to make time to share their wonderful progress.

  3. Kennedy doesn't seem to mind the stocking... Or the attention! Hope you and Drake get more rest today!

  4. Ok, I know I am stating the obvious, but I can guarantee if someone put a stocking over my face, or even on my head, I would NOT BE HAPPY!!!! It seems pretty significant to me that Drake is expressing his displeasure; I am thanking God that Drake is handling the treatments so well and that Kennedy is continuing to make her progress. It is an honor to be allowed to share in this journey with your family because it is a testimony and growing experience for we Christians looking on to hear of the way you are trusting the Lord for His guidance in the decisions you are making!

    Dear Jesus, you are able to do above and exceedingly more than we can imagine, therefore, we ask your continued blessings on Drake, Kennedy, Mom, and Dad.

  5. Thank you for sharing your beautiful children with everyone. God bless your family, your little ones are always in our prayers !

  6. You all are so amazing. Drake is such a determined fighter. I am praying for great results from the treatment. He seems to not mind them.

    Love you all,