Tuesday, March 12, 2013


On Monday we went to Dallas for our consultation about HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy). We were pleased to find out that Drake is a good candidate and could possibly benefit from the treatments. A fear with babies is the pressure on their eardrums. We did a trial run to see how he handled it. If there was a problem, he would need to get tubes put in his ears before we proceeded with further treatments. Luckily, Drake did very well! In fact, he seemed really comfortable inside the chamber. He watched a little Baby Shakespeare and even took a little nap. I couldn't get over how grown up he looked while he was inside. His nurse and I stood next to the chamber and watched him diligently for signs of distress. I really like that it has a walkie-talkie attached to the side so that we can talk to him during the treatments. Each treatment lasts for 1 hour, and he is scheduled to begin 40 hours of treatment beginning on Monday. He will have 2 treatments per day, several hours apart,
6 days a week for 3 weeks. This will be followed by 6 weeks off. Then we can repeat the entire procedure. We are cautiously optimistic about the treatment. He seems much more active, puts his hands on his face and in his mouth, and he has never done either of these, like Kennedy does on a constant basis.

From there, we headed to the cranial doctor for measurements. He will be receiving a doc-band helmet to aid in reshaping his little head. We know he will hate it, but we were excited to hear that he may only have to wear it for about 4 months.

Then we headed back to the first doctor for a few allergy tests. A 9 year old was there for the same thing and was crying almost inconsolably. In came tiny little Drake. Our little man took the testing like a trooper. Everyone was amazed, and the older boy stopped crying about his, not to be outdone by a baby!

Today has been a little R&R; we have hung out at Gran & Poppy's and rested for tomorrow's photo shoot. This should be quite an experience, as it will be Drake, Kennedy & their cousin, Jacob.

We have enjoyed FaceTime with Daddy this week, and we are anxious for him to come home on Friday. It will be nice to be home as a family for the weekend!


  1. Drake continues to defy all odds, showing the world what a fighter he is :) Looking forward to seeing this little man continue to grow up more and more, revealing more of his personality each and every day :)

    Kennedy looks great! I am sure she is looking forward to seeing her cousin Jacob too :)

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