Friday, June 21, 2013

Party Prep

My oh my, there is a lot to do in preparation for a birthday party! It's a small birthday with some close family, but still our day has been filled with party preparations. Thank goodness for Drake's wonderful nurse who came today and helped out even on her day off. She is a God send and we are extremely grateful! We do realize just how lucky we are! I can't wait to see how their party turns out and share pictures of this happy occasion! 

We are also thankful for Aunt Meredith! We dropped Kennedy off with her yesterday morning before we headed to Dallas with Drake for an appointment with his chiropractor. It is so much easier to focus on Drake at his doctor's appointments when we have someone to watch Kennedy.  Gran needed the day in order to get the house in order and run some errands. 

Today, Papa drove to New Braunfels, picked up the cake, drove to McKinney to bring it here to Gran's house, then drove back to East Texas.  What a trooper!    And he will be back in the morning for the party!  I am amazed at this cake, and we are so thankful he was able to make this drive for these babies!  

Our day is coming to an end, the babies are sleeping, and we can get a little sleep before the party begins!  Can't wait to see how our babies react tomorrow, especially with their Smash Cakes!!! 


  1. Can't wait to see party pictures! And I'm so happy to see Mr. Drake do so great on his tummy. He is holding his head up so well!

  2. So beautiful! It's wonderful to see Drake getting so strong!

  3. They are so adorable. Happy birthday sweet little miracles!!