Friday, June 28, 2013

12 Month Check-Up

We've been busy since their 1st birthday party! Drake's sweet home-health nurse has definitely been missed this week while she has been on vacation. He has outgrown his helmet from Cranial Technologies, but the corporate offices called today and would like to move forward with a second helmet. We have high hopes that this one will be a better fit than the last one, and that Drake will tolerate having it in his head. If they are willing to try, we are willing to try too. 

Yesterday Drake was evaluated by a physical therapist and he did an outstanding job! Of course, she had his medical history coming in and she was very impressed with his abilities! I was pleased that she sees the potential that we see in Drake! 

Today at their 12 month well check, Drake measured 26.5" and weighed in at 16# 14oz. Little Miss Kennedy measured 25.25" and weighed 16# 0.5oz. Kennedy was all smiles and a little chatter box showing off until it came time for her shots. That was a much different story! Wow! I would say she definitely has some healthy lungs now! Poor little Drake was next and he surprised all of us by lifting himself off of the table trying to stop the nurse from administering the shots. It was more of a "crunch" than a "sit-up" and it was very sad because he was crying, but I was also very proud of him. 

I received an email from Brookshire's today and they gave me the following information about where Kennedy will be spotted soon:
·         July Celebrate Cooking Magazine (found in-store or online)
·         Large Electronic Sign outside of our corporate office on Loop 323
· website on baby page and will be on the monthly eNewsletters to baby club members (beginning next week)
·         7/17 Back page of Main Weekly Ad
·         Mid July there will be in-store signs, aisle blades, and new baby club brochures with different photos.
We will be on the lookout in our local Brookshire's for our sweet baby girl! Maybe we will even be adventurous enough to take them both in the store while we grocery shop...maybe...I feel like the thought of strangers and germs is already overwhelming. 


  1. Thank you for sharing! Drake and Kennedy look happy and healthy!

  2. So glad things are going so well - they look great!!

  3. Love it, except for the shots, poor little one's. I was so scared of needles and shot for the longest. Hope to see you guys soon.