Friday, June 14, 2013


 Today was bittersweet for us because Drake finished with his 2nd round of Hyperbarics; 80 hours completed. We are thankful for the treatments and the progress we have seen in our little fighter, but it will be sad not to see our friends we have made along the way. After months of treatments, we have created a daily routine and become accustomed to seeing our friends at Hyperbarics. Today was filled with hugs and goodbyes. We are hopeful that with yearly fund-raisers we will be able to repeat the Hyperbaric treatments for Drake every year.

Since we began HBOT in March, Drake has been the only child receiving treatments. This past week we have met two other children and their families. One is a 6 year old and the other is a 7 week old infant. I have really enjoyed meeting and speaking with the mothers of these kiddos. We have shared our experiences and research into various treatment options. We have also shared our frustrations into how the treatments which seem to be helping our children the most are not covered by insurance. We are hopeful that we are paving the way for future families. While these treatments may not be covered for our little ones, we may be setting the stage for coverage of future children. That is a wonderful feeling! 

We rushed back home to Tyler following Drake's two HBOT treatments this morning for his occupational therapy in Tyler. His therapist said his arms were a little tight but she was impressed with his tummy time! He really is improving and fussing less with his tummy time. While working with Drake we witnessed Kennedy do a little problem solving. She could not reach a toy that she wanted; therefore, she used the toy in her hand as an extension to reach her desired toy and drag it to her. Nice Kennedy! 

We introduced Kennedy to a kiddie pool in Gran and Poppy's backyard this week. I was hoping to introduce Drake too, but he was sound asleep and we didn't want to disturb him. We'll introduce both Drake and their cousin Jacob next week. Since Kennedy now has pool experience, she can show the boys what to do. 

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