Friday, June 7, 2013

Inching Forward

The past few days have been filled with our usual: Hyperbaric treatments for Drake, chiropractor cranial manipulation for Drake, OT appointment for Drake, family time and a drive home to Tyler for the weekend. Although Brian is participating in a golf tournament tomorrow benefiting the VFW in McKinney. No worries, we have this I-20 drive down pat and then we will be back home to enjoy the rest of our family weekend. 

Kennedy is getting so very close to crawling! She can get anywhere she wants to go and she is a very determined little girl. It's fun watching her progress toward mastering crawling! Each day she is closer and closer. On Thursday Gran had to take her to see a pediatrician in McKinney for bumps/rash she had on her arms. The results...she has eczema. Not great, but not horrible either. Now that we know what it is, we can better manage her sensitive skin condition. It is already looking better!

Drake has been smiling more! It's not a daily occurrence yet, but i'm sure it will be soon. He has also been in a very calm mood lately. After our hospital stay in April and the weeks that followed, this is even more appreciated. He has been doing so much better with his tummy time, too! If he keeps this up, total head control won't be far behind! 


  1. These pictures warm my heart; thank you for posting them. I am continuing to pray for all of you to stay well, happy, and continue to amaze.

  2. It just makes me so happy to hear that Drake is smiling and doing well with tummy time. :)