Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Settling Down

Since their birthday party, doctor's visit and evaluations, things have settled down a bit. Our weekend was short but still enjoyable at home together. This week it has been nice having Drake's nurse back from her vacation. Today one of my Tyler friends, a former colleague, was in town and visited us at Gran and Poppy's. We had a wonderful visit! She commented on how much more active Drake is now compared to the last time she saw him. It is nice to hear a perspective from someone who does not see him daily. 

Kennedy has her two bottom teeth coming in and she is pulling up on everything. She is doing such a good job; however, sometimes she gets a little ahead of herself and falls. She moves from holding herself up on one object to holding herself up on a different object. Today she and her cousin, Jacob, were both standing at their little activity table together and they looked so cute! I can't believe none of us snapped a picture. I will make sure and get one next time. 

Drake has a busy day tomorrow beginning with a visit to his chiropractor in Dallas in the morning. Then we will be going to Cranial Technologies in the afternoon for images required to make his new helmet. We will have a little down time between appointments so we are going to visit our friends at Hyperbaric's and pick up some paperwork. After his appointments, we will drive back to Gran & Poppy's to pick up Kennedy and head home tomorrow evening. 

We are looking forward to a nice long family 4th of July weekend at home. Uncle Matt is coming to visit, too!  Drake will still have two appointments/therapies at our house on Friday morning (SST & PT). We are excited about him beginning physical therapy, and I will report how things go on Friday.

Below are more pictures from their 1st birthday party!  


  1. God is so good!!! Seeing Happy 1st Birthday Drake & Kennedy brings a huge smile and happy tears to my face. I have so enjoyed keeping up with your amazing journey and miraculous accomplishments. I cannot imagine what these little guys have in store for you before their 2nd birthday.
    Way to go Drake & Kennedy and thank you Jesus for these precious people.
    Sandy from New Braunfels

  2. What a great one of all four of you! Can't wait to see all the rest and have you back this weekend!