Friday, February 15, 2013


We're very excited to be back home as a family of 4 again! We had fun visiting with family in McKinney and Brian had a successful business trip in Chicago, but it sure does feel good to be home. It was fun to see Drake and Kennedy recognize that we were back home too.

We had a wonderful visit on Wednesday evening from one of our favorite NICU nurses. It was SO good to sit and visit with her outside of a hospital setting. She was Kennedy's primary day nurse from day one; therefore, she has been with us through everything. What an amazing journey her profession has allowed her to be a part of with our family. As I said before, we made some lifelong friends in the NICU.

Little Miss Kennedy was given the ok from our developmental doctor to begin rice cereal with a spoon. She took to it like a fish to water! Gran and Poppy were very impressed for her first time. I was hoping she would eat a few spoonfuls, but our little rockstar finished the entire bowl. Brian was able to see her eating when he arrived home tonight, and he was quite impressed as well. He is looking forward to feeding her this weekend.

Poor little Drake is dealing with another bout of congestion and cough. We have once again begun breathing treatments every 4 hours. It seems to be helping because he and I both got more sleep last night than we got the night before. It absolutely breaks my heart to see him feeling crummy. We are praying this is resolved with breathing treatments and does not get any worse. I hope to have a good report on his recovery on Tuesday.


  1. OMG just look at them grow. Love those babies.


  2. Hope Drake's sniffles go away soon! They look so cute!

  3. That picture of Kennedy on her tummy and her little booty crack showing is ADORABLE!!!!!!!

  4. Melt my heart that picture of Drake smiling in his sleep is just the most! To say the least!

    Kennedy is eating cereal! That's such a big milestone!! Wowie!! And she is too cute with all her expressions :-)

    I am praying for The Lord to bring his healing to Drake. He is surrounding him with health and wellness, I just know it.

    So pleased to hear the trips were successful and that the 4 of you made it home safe.

    Prayers continue for more miracles love, Natalie downing