Friday, February 8, 2013

Down, But Not Out

I woke early this morning to dress myself (something I don't have to do very often) and then get the babies up and ready for our trip to the developmental doctor in Dallas. Drake's nurse arrived at 7am to help me prepare and load the car. We headed out the door at 7:45, which I thought was pretty good. Our appointment wasn't until 10:00am; therefore, we arrived with time to spare. Of course little Miss Kennedy decided to poop in her diaper while we were in the waiting room; great timing sweet daughter.

Evaluation time...We were elated with Kennedy's evaluation. Of course, we see her progress every day and we knew she was doing excellent. As of today, our twins are 7months 15days but their adjusted age is 3months 24days. Our little girl scored between 5&6 months on every evaluation: Gross Motor, Cognitive, Receptive Language, Fine Motor & Expressive Language. The doctor said she is ahead of the game closing the gap between her corrected age and her adjusted age. At this rate she will be caught up well before the 2 year marker. Strangers would be thrown off by seeing her because her weight & length are that of a 2 month old, but her abilities are 5-6months of age. Typically, the doctor wants to see babies that are doing well every 4 months; she is giving Kennedy 6 months because she is doing remarkable.

Our sweet Drake...we love him SO much, and we know just how fortunate we are that God has allowed us to raise him here on earth. We are focusing on the fact that he has made slow and steady progress. Even if Drake had not suffered from complications or a stroke in the hospital, we could not compare him with Kennedy because they are two different people. Across the board he scored in the 2month range. This was better than I expected when she was doing her evaluation, and yes I was a bit emotional. I just want to be able to do everything that I can possibly do for him; which Brian tells me I am doing every day. She gave us pointers and handouts of areas we can address with both babies. She wants to see Drake back every three months; time to get back to work :)


  1. Drake is a miracle that you get to witness every day! I know it's so easy to get discouraged as a parent, but he is so lucky to have so many people surrounding him with love, prayers, and cheers as he continues to make one first-down after another! Go Drake and Kennedy, go!

  2. You are doing so great Annie, you really are. Being a preemie Mom is so, so hard, but those babies are given to their mommas for a reason. Keep your head up and just love on those babies! If you need to chat call me :o)

  3. As parents, you will do whatever you can for your child. Drake and Kennedy are so fortunate that they have a family that will give them the opportunities they will both need to thrive.I miss seeing yall but so glad everyone is home, healthy and ADORABLE!!!!
    Kerri Moses OT

  4. I just love your updates. I am so happy your little ones are doing so well. Continue to hang in there. Soon you will see Drake try to copy his sister. This will help him develop as well.

  5. We are so very proud of you. The babies are adorable!

    Love you and miss you,


  6. Drake is amazing and he will continue to be amazing everyday of his life. As will, his sister. We all do things at our own pace and I love watch Drake and Kennedy grow and develop. Their are insperational to all of us. And so are you and Brian. Keep your head up. You are raising amazing children!!!

    Holly B