Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pedi Visit

Monday was our monthly visit to the pediatrician for their monthly Synagis shots. Drake weighed in at 11 lbs 15 oz., and Kennedy was 12 lbs 1 oz. They are just neck and neck in size. It is funny, because we thought that Drake was heavier. Kennedy seems so light when we pick her up. They definitely carry their weight differently...Drake carries it in his face and Kennedy has some chunky little legs. Gran says they are very light as a feather to pick up compared to their baby cousin, Jacob. In fact, Jacob (who is almost 3 months old) has been sending his hand-me-downs to Drake. We gladly accept them, and are proud to say that the doctor says they are doing great with their weight gains!

The doctor agreed with the dietitian's recommendation and increased Drake's volume per bottle, and he is tolerating it well.

Yesterday Drake had his weekly visit with the Occupational Therapist, and she was very impressed with his improvement in strength and muscle tone as well as alertness. Our little man just continues to amaze us everyday!

On Friday we will travel to Dallas to meet with the Developmental Doctor. This will be Drake's second visit and Kennedy's first since they left the hospital in November. We are definitely anxious to hear what she thinks about their growth and development. Then we will return home to a regular Friday Night at home with Daddy!!


  1. Looks like Miss Kennedy is kissing Bubba's head in the first picture. SO ADORABLE!

  2. They look so great! I hope you have a safe trip to the developmental doctor today and get encouraging reports.

  3. Hope the visit went well today and they continued to impress the drs with how well they are doing!

    1. This is Tiffany Roberts- it didn't post my name for some reason!