Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cranial Evaluation

Saturday was a rough day for little Drake because he wasn't feeling very good. In order to keep his saturation level in the appropriate range, we had to turn up his oxygen. Obviously we have not been able to do any of our time without wearing the cannula :( I also increased his breathing treatments to every 3 hours). He spent most of the day sleeping which is what he needed. He is not back to 100% yet, but he is feeling a little bit better. Even while he has been under the weather, he has remained consistent with his bottle attempts. He has not run a fever and all of his nasal drainage has been clear. These are all good signs. We have also been able to ween him back down to breathing treatments every 4 hours.

This crazy Texas weather is starting to effect Kennedy as well. She has been battling nasal congestion for the past two days. Hers is not as severe as Drake's, but it is definitely present. She absolutely hates the blue bulb syringe! It is one of those necessary evils. I did not anticipate her fighting me so much on it, because Drake tolerates it pretty well.

Thursday we will head back to Dallas with Drake to have a cranial evaluation for plagiocephaly. This is due mostly from the extremely long period of time he spent flat on his back in the hospital. The nurses rotate the babies regularly to prevent this; however, when Drake was so very ill, this was not possible. Also, he spent an extended period of time on C-PAP which also prevented these rotations. We keep him propped on his side as much as possible to help correct his head shape, and we will see what the craniofacial doctor has to say on Thursday. From what I have read online, neither private insurance nor his Medicaid will pay for a cranial band or helmet, but we will cross that bridge when and if we it presents itself.


  1. Haha love he spoon pic! She is so adorable. Glad he is starting to feel better. Make sure you rest too so that mommy doesn't get sick. When mommy's not happy, nobodies happy lol. The blue bulb is probably the one thing a baby hates the most, I know mine do. We will keep sending prayers for healing and good reports form the doctors!

  2. Happy to hear that Drake is doing better. Regarding the cranial condition, my daughter had a very flat back of her head when she was a baby. I got a recommendation for a wonderful chiropractor in Richardson who is specialized in cranial treatments for these conditions. My daughter has now the most beautiful round head. Please reply if you would like more information.

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    2. Yes, please send me the information about your chiropractor in Richardson. My email address is acgilstrap@yahoo.com

    3. My daughter lives in Dallas and has a son 5 mos old. We are very concerned about the flat spot on the back of his head. I would love to know the chiropractor you used in Richardson! Thank you in advance! My email is fish4haddoc@aol.com


  3. Such beauties!! Allergies stink! Thank goodness you are on top of the treatments!

    Love you


  4. Drake looks just like his daddy in the picture above on the colored mat on the floor..........adorable!

  5. Thank you for the updates. These drastic weather changes have the elementary kids and many grown ups as well, fighting respiratory bugs here in Georgia too! It is a joy to see the pictures and to hear the confidence in your words. Prayers of Thanksgiving and continued progress and protection are going up for you and your precious family.

  6. These little "Trojans" are such miracles of life; thank you for taking time to keep us posted on their journey. Drake and Kennedy have the most beautiful eyes, and their brother/sister bond is heart warming. Prayers continue...in Christ alone...

    Proverbs 3: 5-6