Friday, February 1, 2013

Slight Improvement

Wednesday was a successful trip for us to Dallas and back. Our follow-up with the ENT showed a slight improvement in Drake's right vocal cord paralysis. He wants to check him again in 4 months before he gets too big to check. This requires the doctor to stick a scope down his little throat. As you can imagine, Drake is not a fan of this exam. Also, in order to really see his full vocal cord range of motion, the doctor really needs him to get upset. He needed one of us to pinch his ear :( I'm glad Drake's nurse was there to do it because I did not want to be the bad guy. The ENT really believes in enough time (1-2 years) he will be able to make noise and talk! He may have a deeper and raspier voice than most people, but a voice is a voice!

Kennedy stayed home with Gran while we were off on our adventure to Dallas. We slipped out while she was sleeping, and apparently she was not happy about it when she woke up. Gran said that Kennedy did not want to play with her toys or exercise. When Gran tried to get her to play in her bumbo chair with her toys, she would throw each of them on the ground. When Gran put them back on her tray, she threw them on the floor again. Is this the first sign of a tantrum? Gran said that nothing seemed to make her happy until we arrived home. Once we were back, she was her usual smiling self again.

We have been introducing them to different textures and getting Drake to really grasp objects. When his OT gives us a goal, we really work on it so that we are successful and ready for a new goal. I wonder what we will focus on next week?

Kennedy has really begun reaching for and interacting with her toys this week. She has discovered the cause and effect relationship that creates noises and music with the toys. Brian saw this first hand when he arrived home. We are in awe when we watch her learn and discover.


  1. Both are so so beautiful!!!!


  2. Great news for sweet Drake! And Miss Kennedy....she just missed Mama and Bubba! Prayers continue for all of you!

  3. I have had baby Drake on my mind and in my prayers a lot this week and I am so glad to hear of his progress.

  4. Chil Wills old actor with a raspy voice due to accident on his vocal cords as a kid. Did a great job. Worked in a lot of John Wayne movies. He lived around Seagoville Texas and Called everybody cousin. This is not fun right now. But. God has a plan. I hope to see it unfold in the future. You go Drake. Old cousin Marilyn Gene.