Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Celebrating Elizabeth

Over the weekend, Kennedy, Hayes and I traveled to McKinney to celebrate our sweet Elizabeth turning 2! Wow! Two years ago my niece Elizabeth was born...Two years ago Drake was in the hospital in a medically induced coma following his tracheostomy surgery. It still blows my mind that our life changed...again...two years ago. Despite everything, I think we have adjusted quite well :) 

Speaking of adjusting...Drake is adjusting well to his new weekend night nurse. Having someone new in our home always requires some fine tuning as everyone gets accustomed to each other. We are excited to have her and thankful that our time in between nurses was a short time. 

This week Hayes experienced his first baby food! I wasn't sure if he would be ready, but he very much was ready! My biggest challenge is that he keeps trying to grab the spoon! 

Kennedy enjoys helping out with both of her brothers and she is quite handy to have around, too! She genuinely wants to help with everything, and she knows where to find anything we might need. If she can't get to something, she's pretty good at problem solving to find a solution. 

Mimi & Poppy will be visiting this coming weekend, and I know all 3 kids will be excited to have them here! 


Poppy & Mimi with Kennedy & Hayes

My favorite birthday picture of Elizabeth!!!

Cake & ice cream!

Silly boy!

Baby food!!!

Watching sister play!


Headed home!

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