Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Spring Break

I've really enjoyed seeing pictures from everyone's latest spring break trips online! Technically, now that Drake is receiving homebound services from the school district, he is on spring break, too. However, that did not effect any of his other therapies, so his week was still quite busy. Our spring break was also very stormy! I'm still in disbelief about the flooding in and around our neighborhood. This is the highest we have ever seen the water level on our lake. Our power went out one day and we relied, yet again, on our backup generator to power Drake's equipment. I honestly don't know what we would do without it!

Kennedy and I took Hayes to Dallas today for an evaluation at Cranial Technologies. As we suspected, he would benefit from a helmet. Now I'm waiting on a call letting us know if insurance will help cover any of the cost. We did squeeze in a little fun during this day trip...lunch with Mimi, Aunt Mere, Jacob, Elizabeth, and my wonderful friends Heather and Angie (and little Trafford)! 

I guess there could be a highlight to getting this helmet...being able to see more of our family & friends! 

The man fishing is standing in the parkinglot & the road I generally run is underwater!

Nurse Lindsey did a makeover on Drake's activity board! 

We try to tweak and improve his toys to make them as interactive as possible!

Nurse Lisa sent me this picture while we were in Dallas today. Made me smile from ear to ear!

Guess who turned 5 months old on the 5th!

Our little artist!

"Mommy, I drew a picture of Hayes!" I know I am bias, but I think she did pretty darn good!