Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Mommy & Daddy's Night Out

Brian and I had the wonderful opportunity to travel out of town overnight together. As you know, this is a rare occurrence for us. Aunt Gigi, Brian's sister, invited us to New Braunfels for Wurstfest Craft Beer Festival. We had so much fun and we wish that Tyler and New Braunfels were closer together! We were even able to spend some time at Angie's No-Kill animal shelter, CLASS Canyon Lake Animal Shelter. Yes, we met plenty of dogs and cats that we wanted to bring home, but I had to remind Brian that our house is currently at capacity. Thankfully for us, we have a solid set of nurses in place whom we feel very comfortable with, and Mimi & Poppy traveled in town to care for Kennedy & Hayes! There was no containing Kennedy's excitement on Friday night when Mimi & Poppy arrived! We are very schedule oriented around here; however, we are not against making exceptions...especially for grandparents! 

You would think that my parents would get limited sleep because of our kiddos, but that was not the case. Our kids all slept soundly through the night, but our dogs woke them up at 3am to go outside. We're so sorry about that! Silly dogs! They know better than that. 

Hayes was scheduled for an evaluation at Cranial Technologies in Dallas today, but I rescheduled due to the weather. There is no sense in traveling in inclement weather for an appointment we were able to easily reschedule. The crackle of thunder and pounding of rain throughout the day were a constant reminder of a good decision. 

It's obviously not easy for us to travel out of town and overnight together; however, it was good for us to get away and good for our kids to be with their grandparents. 

Our 3 sweet kiddos!

Headed to Wurstfest! 

Oh, this silly guy!

And this silly guy, too!

Love the laughs!

My sweet boys playing together!

Sometimes playing wears you out!

He stole the baby food jar!

Nighttime snuggles with 2 of my loves! 

When a doctor joins your team...you spend Saturday night going over research! I wouldn't have it any other way :)

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