Tuesday, February 23, 2016

It's Good To Be Home!

Just as I suspected, being away from home was a mixture of emotions for me. Learning to let go and allow others to step in is difficult, but I know it's good for everyone involved. Face-timing with my sweet family was definitely a highlight to my trip! 

I had a wonderful trip to Florida, and my days were completely filled with presentations. During the Scientific Symposium, we heard from world-renowned doctors who spoke about the research and science behind our products! I absolutely loved learning about case studies and clinical trials! Our keynote speaker was John C. Maxwell, and he was as outstanding as I anticipated! I was also able to meet team members in person who I have only known through technology thus far. We live in different parts of the country, but we all share a passion for helping others! I know that I met some lifelong friends this weekend, and I am thankful for this experience! I'm looking forward to being able to bring my own family along on future trips! 

Today we took a cold and rainy trip to Dallas to see Drake's neurologist. When Drake actually tracked the doctor's light for the first time ever, it was easy to see the excitement on his face! I told his doctor that I have been giving him nutraceutical  supplements for the past 8 months. He was curious and pleased; therefore, we have been instructed to continue with what we are doing! 

Kennedy is improving in both dance class and gymnastics! She's been doing well in gymnastics for a while, but in dance class she has been a hot mess. To my surprise, I'm happy to say that she has appeared to be doing the actual dances the past two weeks. She even bravely volunteered for her and her friend to dance in front of the entire class! I love her confidence! 

Hayes (our happy boy) is smiling, laughing, rolling, and just making our lives more enjoyable. His easy-going spirit is the perfect fit for our family, and our crazy life. He adores watching both Drake and Kennedy.

It was good to get away, but my heart is happy to be back home!


Sweet boys!

Happy boy!

Hanging out with daddy!

Walking around the house!

Hanging out with Drakey!

She found a lizard! 

Sound asleep! 

Fun at my convention! 

Some of my amazing team members being honored! 

Just a few of our amazing leaders! 

So very proud of my cousin being recognized for her hard work and dedication! I will forever be grateful to her for introducing us to these products & the company! 


  1. Was great to spend time with you last week Annie! So happy to see Kyani helping with everything :) Have a blessed week! :)

  2. It was so great to see you Annie! Love reading your post, your family is adorable!! :)

  3. That is awesome! Love reading and looking at pics of your family they are adorable. Glad yall had a great time in Florida, I signed up for Anaheim yay!