Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Fun with Yea-Yea!

Brian's mom came to visited over the weekend and we always love spending time with her! She is wonderful with her grandbabies! She came baring gifts for Drake, Kennedy & baby Hayes! Drake's favorite is definitely the musical giraffe toy, and Kennedy loves her bubbles & play-doh...we already need a refill on bubbles! Yea-Yea also did a make over on a hundred year old family heirloom for baby Hayes! She is a talented artist so I knew the bassinet would look amazing...and it does! 

Drake is continuing to improve with his ability to be off of the vent for longer periods of time. He is so much happier in his gait trainer without being attached to his vent! On Thursday our nursing agency is sending out a possible new night nurse. While I am excited that they finally have someone for us to meet, I just don't see how I could possibly feel comfortable with a new nurse taking care of him while I'm in the hospital with baby Hayes. Thank goodness for our regular nurses who have all volunteered to pick up extra shifts and help out during that time. Our little man is anywhere from 2-5wks from making his debut! 

Kennedy is improving in both dance class and gymnastics! I found out that her first dance performance will be in November at Mistletoe and Magic! Watching this group of 3 year olds during dance class makes it really difficult to imagine them prepared for a performance in 2 months; however, I'm sure they will look adorable! 

On Friday we will have a team from the school district out to our home to do an assessment of Drake. I'm a little anxious about this because he is doing so well and any exposer to new people is a potential for germs. I know they will all take this very seriously and be washing and sanitizing upon arrival. Drake has also never been evaluated by a full team all at once. He's a pretty easy going kid, but he takes a little time to warm up to new people and voices. 

Even though we know that he needs the support and help from all of these therapist, these evaluations are something we will have to deal with and get used to in order to ensure he gets the best care and quality of life. 


Playing with Drake!


Love this boy!

Daddy's little helper in the kitchen!

This one just makes me laugh!

Ready for dance class!

Heirloom bassinet ready for Hayes! 

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  1. so lovely to see all happy and well congrats on new baby staying put