Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Growing Up

Drake's new big boy "Sleep Safe" bed was delivered and set up this week! He's been in his crib for the past 3 years, and it was starting to look a little small for our growing boy. Now that he has moved up to his very own twin size bed, he looks so small all tucked in at night! His expression night one is his bed was priceless! He knew that he was in his brand new bed! His bed is much higher than a regular twin bed, which makes it easier for his nurses and us to do his treatments and care during the night. The head and foot of his bed are adjustable to allow for better positioning. 

Kennedy is busy keeping us entertained on a daily basis. We are with her every day and somehow she still manages to surprise us with the funny things that she says! She had two special lunches over the weekend. One out with daddy on Saturday and then I took her out to lunch on Sunday. Speaking of special treats...on Friday I took her for her very 1st pedicure! Brian had given me a gift certificate for a pedicure and I wanted to go before baby Hayes arrives. Kennedy did great and had so much fun! She actually ended up getting her toenails and fingernails painted. I've learned my lesson on the fingernails being painted. By the time we made it home, her right thumb was completely paint-less! As of today, 4 days later, none of her nails so any remnants of every being painted. Oh well...she loved it while it lasted!

Yesterday evening we had a wonderful dinner over at Brian's dad's (Papa's) house with Brian's grandparents! Being able to see Kennedy spend time and give hugs to her great-grandparents is such a blessing! I love seeing the joy on their faces as they watch her play! I wish my own grandparents were still alive to see their great-grandbabies! I know that even though I am not able to witness it, Drake, Kennedy, Jacob, Elizabeth, Chase, and soon Hayes, too, will be making them smile up in heaven! 

We are definitely getting ready for baby Hayes to make his debut! I'm scheduled for delivery on Oct 5th; however, even my doctor told me yesterday that she doesn't think that is going to happen. Brian's prediction is next Tuesday, September 22nd. I guess only time will tell! I am experiencing quite a bit of back pain, and after being hooked up to monitors yesterday, it was determined that my back pain is indeed uterine activity (contractions). During my weekly biophysical profile, Hayes decided to open his eyes which was pretty amazing to see in a sono! Our entire family is excited to meet our new little guy whenever he decides to join us! 

He clearly loves his new Big Boy bed! 

All set up for our Big Boy!

Pedicures with mommy!

She had so much fun!

Riot just protecting his boy!

I love how sweet he is with both of our kiddos! 

Lunch with daddy! 

Riot is a wonderful dog but sometimes he makes puppy mistakes. Baby doll's foot was an unfortunate casualty of having a puppy :(

Kennedy with her Great-Grandpa who is in his 90's! 

Little man moving in his gait trainer! 

Best part of every day!

Our tiny dancer!

Playing video games with Uncle Matt! 

He's getting ready to see the world!


  1. absolutely awesome pictures and love new baby is a ok your family is so beautiful love drakes bed and your tiny dancer

  2. Can you tell me how to become a Kyani distributor? I have preemie twins and was thinking of trying this to help boost their immune systems. Glad your family is doing so well!