Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Getting Prepared...and a Hurdle

On Friday, Drake handled the group assessing him from the school very well. I was apprehensive about how he would react to so many people, but he did better than I anticipated. They took turns working with him and the noise level stayed calm and quiet. I know this played a big part in him feeling comfortable and being willing to work with new people. 

While running errands on Saturday with Brian & Kennedy, we went into PetSmart to look for a new collar for Riot. Somehow we walked out without a dog collar, but instead we had a beta fish and small aquarium! Kennedy is now obsessed with watching her fish! The only problem is that she wants to feed it ALL of the time! Needless to say the fish food is not accessible to Kennedy. 

Allergies have been reeking havoc on our sweet kiddos! Breathing treatments & allergy medicine have been needed for both Drake and Kennedy for at least the last week. Why are season changes so difficult on our little ones? Poor little babies! I am thankful that it hasn't slowed them down! 

Baby Hayes had a good check today at his weekly biophysical profile sonogram! My doctor is very excited that I am in my 35wk and still pregnant...we're pretty excited about it, too! Our goal is to bring this baby home without a stay in the NICU, if at all possible. 

In preparation for bringing home our baby boy, we were doing some cleaning and Brian was moving some furniture around this weekend. Unfortunately, he had a freak accident when a glass fell and shattered. He was wearing shorts and the glass cut both of his legs. This resulted in a trip to the emergency room and some stitches. Luckily, my mom came in town on the same day to help us out! With me on restrictions and Brian injured with stitches, we clearly need the help...and are thankful for family! 

I'm excited that I have earned a car through the Dream Car program with my company Kyani! I locked arms with the company in April of this year and I have already reach the position of Dream Car! To meet our growing families needs, we decided on a suburban. I'm thrilled that it has been ordered and I'm counting down the weeks until it arrives!!! Everything about this company has been a blessing for our family! I can't wait to see what the future holds as I continue to grow with this amazing company!!! 

Watching Finding Nemo with her buba! 

Making sure his head is up to see the movie!

Mr excitement!

Here he was concentrating on every step!

She loves watching her fish! 

Poor daddy's leg! :( Both legs were cut, but this was the worst! They were not able to remove all of the glass. If there are problems during the healing process, he will have to see an orthopedic surgeon. 

We turned the area where Drake's crib used to be in the living room into a play area for Kennedy! 

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  1. nice going mommy I know you must be getting excited thank you for keeping us posted on your wonderful family