Tuesday, September 29, 2015

According to Plan

Do I dare even say things might actually go according to plan? Well, our plan is still evolving, but hopefully we will be able to finalize it very soon. Lucky, baby Hayes has been cooperating very well and I think it is quite possible he will stay put until Monday. We are currently still short a night nurse 3nights/week, and our temporary nurse who has been with us "filling in" since April just accepted a position with another nursing agency. Good news for him...bad timing for us. So, while we currently do not have a nurse scheduled for Monday night, I know we will get things figured out. Obviously, we would not feel comfortable with a nurse we don't know staying in our home with Drake while we are at the hospital. Brian is currently working with our nursing agency to get a schedule in place within the next couple of days. Once Brian gets involved, things start to happen and fall into place. I have no worries. 

After the scare of Poppy's heart attack one week ago today, we had a second scare on Friday. A Good Samaritan called my cell phone and informed me that Brian's grandparents, who live here in East Texas, had been involved in a car accident. The rescue crews were using the "jaws of life" to extract his grandfather & then transporting them to the hospital. I called both Brian and Matt and they met them at the hospital upon arrival. Thankfully, they both checked out ok and were released. Two big scares in the same week complete with 3 huge blessings! 

After a stressful week, we enjoyed a relaxing Saturday of college football on the patio. Daddy smoked meat on his new birthday smoker all day, and everything he cooked turned out fantastic! We were all stuffed! On Sunday we took Kennedy to visit the East Texas State Fair before getting our grocery shopping completed at Sam's. Kennedy was too short for the rides, but she seemed to enjoy riding around in the stroller seeing so many new things. Surely by next year she will be tall enough to ride the rides.  

Drake is continuing to work hard with his therapies and with us! We definitely see improvements with his grip, head control, strength, and vision. These are all areas that take time, but it's nice to see improvements. It's also delightful to see the excitement of his therapist when they, too, are noticing improvements. 

It's crazy to think by this time next week we will be a family of 5! Hopefully our plan will fall into place and we will have smooth sailing; however, even if we encounter yet another bump in the road, I know things will be ok. We are a family of survivors and we are never alone. 

Loving on Drakey!

On the move!

So tired!

Go! Go! Go! Football watching!

East Texas State Fair!

All worn out! 

Dance Class!