Tuesday, August 25, 2015


We have so many things to be thankful for each day! We have: each other, two amazing kids with another about to join us, supportive family & friends, a roof over our heads, food for our bellies, and on & on & on! Today I am extremely thankful for electricity! There was an accident in our neighborhood yesterday which caused our electricity to be out from 4:00pm on Monday until 6:30am Tuesday. I certainly do not want to take electricity for granted again! Thankfully our sweet neighbor who was involved in the accident is ok and home from the hospital! I am also thankful we have our generator to keep Drake's equipment up and running during power outages! Our house was still quite warm, but it was manageable and we survived. 

I'm thankful that my cousin introduced me to an amazing company which I have been able to do part time from home. I wish I had listened to her sooner, but I finally decided to jump in back in April. Here I am 4 months later feeling healthier, happier & earning a luxury car! Brian, Kennedy & I had such a fun afternoon trying to pick out the right vehicle to meet our needs. I am well on my way to surpassing what I used to make with my full time job! Plus, it feels good to be improving the health of Brian, Drake, and Kennedy right along with me! 

Brian was one proud papa when Kennedy won her first BB Gun at the Delta Waterfowl Banquet over the weekend! The box says, "ages 10 and up" so I think we will be putting it up in the attic until she is a little older. I have a feeling Brian plans to have our little girl out in a duck blind within the next few years. Gymnastics, Dance, Hunting...I guess she will be one well rounded little girl! When he starts taking Kennedy & Hayes both hunting with him, this could be a nice little break for mama! Plus, it will give me some good one-on-one time with my Drakey...when I steal him away from his nurse! 

Life has certainly taken us on many different detours over the past 3 years, and we our now on a path that we would never have imagined. I look forward to seeing where this journey continues to take us; celebrating our many blessings every day! 

My little sidekick 

Just hanging out with my boy!

Excellent work with his PT!

Getting her daily dose of Health & Wellness!

Car shopping with mommy & daddy!

Decisions...Decisions...this is a good problem to have :)

Keeping little man cool w/o AC

A few finishing touches to Hayes' room! Thank you to my sweet friend, Andrea!

Headed home from Dance Class!

In a couple of short weeks, our little man has started to fill out! He's looking like quite a chubby little baby! 


  1. just awesome you are blessed

  2. I'm late catching up with your excitement uh I mean power loss. I'm sure you probably already know that with little man Drake needing medical devices the electric company can put you on a priority list. You need a letter from Drake's vent specialist & probably his primary doc with your account number for the electricity provider included on the letter. They can & will place you on priority to get the electricity on. I know because I use a sleep apnea machine at night. My Daddy is on oxygen because of COPD. I have lost power & my parents do not. Of course, we both have the big transformer with pole in our front yard. Mine is from a prior owner. My parents because the electric company placed it there after the pulmonary specialist provided the information. My husband also has COPD & heat is very hard on him. We are not finished with our cold weather, at least that is what my body tells me. My provider is TVEC. I was planning to cause trouble with Texas & US after being medically retired, but being nosy about taking care of my family medically is something I have always made myself aware. Hope Drake enjoys our warm up predicted for next week.

    I also want you & Brian to know you are the best example to take care of a special needs child. I know your parents are so proud of you both.