Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Party of 5

We went to bed on Sunday night as a family of 4, and by mid-day on Monday, we were a family of 5. We are anxious to get home and get settled into our new family dynamics as a larger family...a completed family. I think Hayes is the finishing piece to our puzzle that we did not even know was missing. Mimi & Poppy brought Kennedy up to the hospital to meet her new baby brother before taking her to their house for the rest of the week. We figured this would make the transition home and getting settled smoother for everyone. We will be more than ready to have our princess back on Saturday! I'm ready for Drake to meet his brother tomorrow, and excited to get pictures of the 3 of them together this weekend! 

This experience has been a complete 180 from last time! I wish a smooth delivery and after process for all previous preemie parents. So far, he is such a good baby! He is eating well and sleeping well. We think he is resting up and saving his shenanigans for when we get home. 

Seeing Kennedy with him for the 1st time was absolutely precious! She loves him! We just hope she still fills this way once she realizes that he is a full time family member and resident at our home.  

Drake's therapist brought him a Big Mack Switch, which he is already beginning to master! It is so much larger and easier for him to use than his other buttons. I love watching him think through the process and make his body do what he wants. One of our friends also made him a dry-fit sleep sack. Tonight will be his first night to use it, and I am anxious to hear how things go. He, like many special needs children, do not grow out of the startling reflex that all newborns have. Unfortunately, sleep sacks made to help calm babies to sleep are not made for 3 year olds...especially, hot natured 3 year olds. Our hope is that the dry-fit material will keep him from getting too hot and the sleep sack design will help calm his startle reflex. 

Now with our family of 5, we plan to head home tomorrow and begin carrying on this next chapter in our lives! 

Kennedy meeting Hayes for the 1st time!

Holding her baby brother!

Ready for delivery!

Our baby boy!

Special delivery!

Hayes with Mimi & Poppy!

Hayes Sawyer Gilstrap
October 5, 2015
7# 7oz

Good night kisses

Snuggles with daddy!

Someone found his fingers!

Hayes with his Yea-Yea!

Meeting Papa!

Bright eyes!

Excited about his sleep sack!

Fun with cousins!

Meeting Aunt Mere, Uncle Aaron, Jacob & Elizabeth last night!

Watching Netflix with Daddy!

Little man rocking it in his stander at home! Miss him SO much!!!


  1. Congratulations!! God is so good. A Beautiful Family of 5.

  2. Love the new post and family of five is fantastic!!! So happy for you all.

  3. beautiful baby and awesome pictures very nice family of five