Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Family Time

We enjoyed a fun weekend with family! Both of our nieces from Brian's side of the family were in town for a visit! This was HUGE because we do not get to see them very often. One is 11 and lives in New Braunfels, and the other is 22 and now lives/works in Portland, OR. I'm pretty upset with myself that we didn't take any pictures while they were here. I'm really not even sure how that happened. 

Drake has been continuing to work hard each & every day in therapy and with us. We just love seeing him up and moving about freely! Observing his new ability to reach and push one of his buttons is really exciting! He misses some but he doesn't give up. He is the definition of perseverance! 

Kennedy has been busy enjoying the summer and spending as much time outside as possible. Playing in the water makes this summer heat much more bearable! She manages to have fun inside, too! This week she decided the carpet at Papa's house was the perfect area for summersaults!

Tomorrow morning we will head to Dallas to see Drake's orthopedist at Scottish Rite Hospital. This follow up will check his spine, hips and right knee. We are praying for a good report and smooth travels!  

Love this boy!!!

Riot doesn't even move when Drake runs into him with his gait trainer

Working in his chair!

Summer Time fun!

Hanging out with his buddy!

Starting off her day with vitamins & nutrients!!! "Mama I want purple juice!"

Riot keeping a close eye on Drake!

Reading to her baby dolls (Kennedy & Harper)!


  1. amazing babies how is little muffin doing?hope he is staying where he needs to be